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Everyone has something that makes them unique and consequently extremely valuable. Companies are successful in the long term if they are able to exploit this potential. Because in a competitive environment it has long since been inadequate simply to offer good products and services – the uniqueness of the people involved makes the difference.

In organisational development the objective is to develop this potential by means of innovative strategies, vibrant structures and a solution-oriented culture.

This is why managing directors and executives use me specifically as a coach and sparring partner to help their teams take the next step in their corporate development systematically and using innovative methods.

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Profile of Astrid Sandweg

After studying electrical engineering and obtaining my doctorate in engineering, I worked for 15 years in various leadership and management positions in international technology companies in a challenging, constantly changing market environment.

This experience, combined with my basic values of appreciation, empathy, authenticity and clarity have formed the basis of my work since 2008.

Customer testimonials

"Hello Mrs. Sandweg,
I'm sitting here in Salzburg and received a compliment from the night porter last night, which I wanted to quickly pass on to you. At least you played a part in it...
After a brief 'chat' about why life as a night porter is so nice (no hectic but full service for the customer), the older gentleman said to me: "If I may, madam, you seem so... rounded - everything fits together with you. You radiate a calmness that just makes you feel good." Similar to Mr ...., who said a while ago "Your mere presence has a calming effect".
Thank you very much again for your help in hatching out of the cocoon!

Head of IT at an insurance company

"... it was pleasant to see how honest, open, flexible and relaxed you were. It was noticeable that you were happy to share your experiences with us. Thank you.
Head of Human Resources, Financial Sector

"...very structured, good overview, pragmatic..."
CEO, Startup Gaming Industry

"...I have never experienced that a vision development can be so easy and then so fast. And we are all (Note: all = the entire management team) behind it..."
Board of directors, Media

"...we are definitely a different team than we were a year ago..."
Head of Planning, Automotive Supplier

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Do you have any questions, would you like a quote or information on counselling? Please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. Astrid Sandweg
Executive Coaching & Organisational Consultancy
Albstr. 32/1, 72074 Tübingen, Germany

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Mobile +49 178 143 6397
Email: dialog@astrid-sandweg.com

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