Organisational Development

Organizational development & change management

Would you like to

  • develop an identity, a vision and a mission for your company that will have a magnetic effect on customers and employees?
  • successfully adapt your corporate strategy to changing market requirements?
  • sustainably align your organisation with your corporate strategy?
  • ensure that your management team works together fruitfully and constructively?
  • integrate your employees and teams into the overall company system in such a way that shared values are lived with joy and consistency?
  • structures and processes serve the company's success and are not an end in themselves?

I will advise and support you...

... in these development processes. My services range from analysing the initial situation, developing and designing suitable development steps, moderating and monitoring the agreed measures through to implementation support. For me, "less is more" - to be successful in the long term, you need well thought-out, strategic and goal-orientated approaches.

Editorial contribution

An editorial article from February 20, 2017 in K-Profi I Impulses for plastics processors on the topic “How much change does the market need? How Pezet sustainably renews itself as a company while remaining true to its roots” gives an impression of my work.