Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The higher the management level, the thinner the air becomes.

Managers often find it difficult to address problems, overcome crises or reflect on decisions and their implications with someone on an equal footing. What's more, managers often operate in an environment that is "feedback-poor". If they received feedback in the form of recognition, encouragement or criticism, they could make some course corrections at an earlier stage and thus increase their chances of success. This is where executive coaching comes in.

Would you like to

  • gain clarity in your personal and corporate vision, in your plans and goals?
  • organise and consistently implement decisive change processes?
  • successfully prepare yourself for new challenging management tasks?
  • gain new perspectives?
  • unleash your potential and optimise your personal effectiveness?
  • resolve conflicts?
  • develop your confidence and go your own way authentically?

I support you...

...in structured one-to-one counselling sessions, by critically questioning your own professional actions and finding valuable new solutions. If required, the counselling can be supplemented by the teaching of suitable leadership and management methods and the use of scientifically based personality analyses. Professionalism - also in leadership issues - gives you the opportunity to maximise your personal performance. Clarity and a focus on the essentials will make you successful - with more joy and ease.